Product Lines


Outdoor, direct exposure, IP-rated commercial flat panel displays for digital signage and commercial video applications featuring both bright and ultra-bright models for direct sun exposure.  Multiple ranges of brightness and direct exposure performance to fit your project needs and budget.


Since 1926, the word 'Tannoy' is synonymous with public address, appearing in the Oxford English Dictionary as: 'a communications system with loudspeakers, used for making announcements in public buildings.' The Tannoy dual concentric loudspeaker design has achieved accolades worldwide for both recording studio reference monitors and commercial installation applications as both a point source and distributed loudspeaker.


For more than 30 years, TASCAM has developed products for every segment of the sound and broadcast industry. From the high-end audio professional in a major broadcast studio to the source playback device at the local school or church, TASCAM is everywhere.

TC Electronic

TC Electronic has been a world-leader in pristine, digital and analog audio processing since 1976. From the original SCF chorus pedal through the 2290 and System 6000 processors the name TC Electronic has been linked to most, if not all, recording studios. Today it's ranges include guitar effects, bass amplification, computer audio, and digital effects processing. Thousands of hit songs worldwide some way or another have been through TC processing.


Ever since its formation in 1970, TURBOSOUND has had a long history of innovation and leadership in the world of Pro audio. From the early festival systems of the 1970s evolved one of the names synonymous with high output, high performance tour sound and commercial installation loudspeakers.


Analog. Digital. Regardless of the domain, Whirlwind enjoys a long reputation as the leader in audio interconnectivity for systems contractors and production companies. From digital laser snakes to custom connector panels to rugged DI boxes, Whirlwind delivers!

Xantech Commercial

Long know as a leader in residential control systems, Xantech Commercial now has a complete lineup of commercial grade touchscreen and pushbutton wall mount controllers, video distribution tools, IR control solutions, and Ethernet control systems.