With a longstanding reputation in the rugged world of tour sound, Crest Audio continues to be a leader in the world of portable and permanent installation amplification and mixing consoles.

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Tour Class/Portable PA Amplification
Legendary for their power, sound quality, and rock-solid construction, Crest Audio amplifiers set the standard by which others are judged. Crest Audio continues to extend this tradition of excellence and innovation into the areas of computer control, in-amplifier signal processing, and power factor correction.
Pro 200 Series
CA Series
CD Series
CC Series
CPX Series
Commercial Amplification
Complex commercial audio installations often require hundreds of loudspeaker zones with a varity of loudspeaker loads. Crest Audio industrial amplifiers provide efficient, cost-effective soluitons for a wide variety of multi-zone installations with strong, reliable workhorse design and construction.
Crest Audio consoles are known for their superior audio quality, intelligent feature-sets, and robust physical construction. Every Crest Audio console series is application engineered to deliver maximum performance and flexibility to the professional user. All Crest Audio consoles provide exceptional sound and features for their price.

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